Day: December 8, 2020


FBI Arrests Omar’s Son Attempting To Destroy Statue Of Christ

Lawless thugs have been taking down statues that mark our history all over America. They started with ones that they found to be “racially insensitive,” but have since moved on to any image that commemorates our history. In response to this, President Trump introduced a crime bill that would severely punish anyone caught vandalizing these […]

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Biden Says Barack Obama Will Be His Secretary of State

Joe Biden says he can’t think of anyone more suitable for the position of Secretary of State than his “good friend,” Barack Obama. According to a source inside Biden’s transition team, Obama is his only choice: “Obama lent him that money after his son died, so he owes him big time. What better way to […]

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Beyoncé & Jay-Z Throw Support to Trump to the Tune of $10 Million

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are no strangers to controversy and speaking their minds, and this election season is no different. The music icon power couple have recently switched to the Republican Party and pledged support to Donald Trump.  Beyoncé’s spokesperson, Sandra Batt made the announcement after a donation to the Trump 2020 campaign was […]

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Barr Orders SCOTUS to Stand Down on Election Cases

It looks like the downward slide that Donald Trump’s legal claims of a vast election fraud conspiracy has crashed squarely into the Sarlacc pit owned by America’s own Jabba the Hutt, William Barr.  The almost-gone attorney general today removed the final hail Mary play from the exhausted and flatulent Rudy Guliani’s team book by ordering […]

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