Beyoncé & Jay-Z Throw Support to Trump to the Tune of $10 Million

Beyoncé and her husband Jay-Z are no strangers to controversy and speaking their minds, and this election season is no different. The music icon power couple have recently switched to the Republican Party and pledged support to Donald Trump. 

Beyoncé’s spokesperson, Sandra Batt made the announcement after a donation to the Trump 2020 campaign was made by the couple. The amount was a staggering $10 million dollars. Ms. Batt said that, because of how great Trump has made America, they’ve made billions more dollars. 

“It’s a small token of appreciation to the greatest president we’ve ever had,” she exclaimed. 

They’ve also joined and contributed to the NYC chapter of Blacks For Trump, a move that infuriated some in the hip hop community and was welcomed by none other than superstar Trump supporter Kanye West. Blacks For Trump organizer, Joe Barron was thrilled to have Jay-Z and Beyoncé among their ranks, which was weird because Barron is white. 

It is said that because Jay-Z and Beyoncéhave made their support for the president vocal, other hip hop artists will follow suit. 50 Cent is known to be a fan of the President as well. With him, that makes 2 rappers nobody cares about anymore.

The hip hop power couple have been politically active in the past but now will take a bigger role in political activism, and may have Trump’s ear for some of their positions. Prison sentence reform, marijuana legalization, and getting more young black men into politics and gun ownership are major concerns with Jay-Z and Beyoncé.

They hope to be able to get more young black men out of prison and back on the streets, as they understand the issues in the black communities very well.

This is a great get for the Trump administration, more celebrity and minority support they believe will push them over the edge in November to keep America great again!