Day: December 11, 2020

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Dr. Jill Biden: ‘All Americans Will Be Required to Learn Spanish When We Win’

Dr. Jill Biden, former English teacher, and wife of Presidential hopeful Joe Biden, appears to be counting her huevos before they hatch. Her only initiative as First Lady will be to require all Americans to learn Spanish. As everyone knows, there’s only one language that we speak in the United States and that is English. […]

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Kamala Calls Benghazi ‘A Nothingburger’

Where Joe Biden tends to be a soft-spoken and issues-centered candidate who avoids controversy and fiery rhetoric, his running mate Kamala Harris seems to stand in a direct mirror-image caricature of that attitude.  Indeed, some say, echoing President Trump’s openness and unfearing verbal acumen, the hard-hitting take-no-prisoners district attorney seems not to be afraid to […]

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Obama To Hold Biden Fundraiser at Bush Ranch

As the presidential campaigns heat up, we’d expect Joe Biden to get some much-needed assistance from his friend and cohort Barack Obama.  What might surprise some detractors of the sole mentally stable candidate is the backing as well of former conservative Republican President George W. Bush, who has generously donated his time, money, and notoriety […]

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SCOTUS Rules Trump Can Remove Chuck Schumer from Senate

Chuck Schumer made a tremendous mistake when he took his pro-abortion stance too far by threatening members of the Supreme Court. When he shouted that Justices Kavanaugh and Gorsuch would “regret it” if they pushed through their god-fearing and moral position on the right to life of the unborn, he opened up a can of […]

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Kamala:’Our Police Are All Criminal Animals; They Are A Cancer’

Apparently Kamala Harris feels that the way for her to win the Democratic nomination for president is to continually foam at the mouth in her speeches and insult everything that true Americans hold dear. And by true Americans we mean, of course, the Trump faithful. In the past month she has suggested interning trump supporters should she […]

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