Kamala:’Our Police Are All Criminal Animals; They Are A Cancer’

Apparently Kamala Harris feels that the way for her to win the Democratic nomination for president is to continually foam at the mouth in her speeches and insult everything that true Americans hold dear. And by true Americans we mean, of course, the Trump faithful.

In the past month she has suggested interning trump supporters should she win the White House and has blasted our military, calling them “soulless cowards.” Now she’s moved on to another group that should only be getting respect for the great work they do in an extremely difficult and trying job …..the nation’s police.

In a speech yesterday before her home crowd of Crips and Bloods in California, Kamala Harris had nothing positive to say about our boys in blue, quite the opposite in fact. An excerpt follows from what will surely be the final nail in the coffin of a failed presidential bid:

“The police in this country are nothing more than thugs. Most of them anyway. I used to be a cop so I know. Those that aren’t thugs allow the others to be thugs. And that makes them complicit. All police are criminals.

Police lie to convict innocent people, they steal to enrich themselves, they murder young minority members of the population for fun. For target practice. I’ve seen this. I know. They are animals.

Don’t be so quick to judge. Maybe she’s talking about these guys.

If I’m elected, i will do a real swamp cleaning, starting with law enforcement. We pretty much have to get rid of them all and start anew. The law has been allowed to become so corrupt that there is no longer a quick fix available. It’s time to build from scratch.

The police of America are a cancer that must be removed and I alone can do it.”

When will this psycho stop ranting about things she knows nothing about? And why don’t the democrats muzzle her. She has singlehandedly destroyed what slim hope they had to win anything ever again. I guess that’s  something we should encourage.