MyPillow’s Mike Lindell To Head New Conservative Party

Mike Lindell, who is an extremely successful businessman, Christian, conservative and one of Donald Trump’s biggest supporters has had enough. After supporting the Republican Party for years, Lindell saw right through them. 

He saw right through their algorithms too. After watching them turn their back on the man who Made America Great Again, Mike Lindell is forming a new political party. 

One that won’t only compete with the Republicans, but destroy their big government trickery once and for all. 

Lindell: who owns the highly successful MyPillow company, is a lifelong Christian conservative. Lindell supported Donald Trump from the very beginning, donating millions of dollars to the Trump campaign and other conservative causes and candidates. 

He’s a proud American, but he’s ashamed of the Republican Party. And he’s decided to do something about it. Mike has connections all over the conservative Christian world, and he’s bringing them together in a new party. 

Lindell has created the Pillow Party. It’s a group of headstrong conservative Christians ready for change and to make America great again. 

It sounds ridiculous, yes, but so is their unrequited love and adoration for a failed, impeached one-term president. Mike Lindell knows a thing or two about failure

Sued constantly because his products are pretty much a sham and a one-time crack addict, and hearing that man speak, one has to wonder if he’s still not on something. Drugs are bad, Mike. 

But yes. The Pillow Party is his brainchild. Other conservatives other than crooked snake oil salesman are more than welcome to join too. 

In their ranks is pastor Greg Locke, who’s not only infatuated with Donald Trump, but also a deadbeat dad (Tennessee’s words, not ours) who has spoken about his love of Donald Trump more than he even thinks about his own children.  

Ahhhh yes, I’m sure they’ll grow to love him. That kind of stuff is always appreciated! Not too worry though, it’s not all about celebrities with the Pillow Party. 

Lifetime conservative Joseph Barron, an Oregon native, inquired about joining this mew political revolution. 

He, like so many others, feel left behind by the GOP nowadays. He’s gotta pay dues to the Party, but is not allowed to attend events or rub elbows with the party elite. 

No sir. They’ll take your money, but don’t want to hear any of your bullshit about losing your job, home, healthcare, etc. just like the Republican Party, only that much more ridiculous and focused solely on Donald Trump. 

God bless America.

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