Malia Obama Praises Trump’s Action, ‘My Dad Wouldn’t Know What To Do’

Trump’s response in these difficult times is gaining him fans from the most unlikely places. While Nancy Pelosi and the wicked Democrats in the House continue to criticize and rage against him, others on the left are seeing the light.

The latest is probably one of the last people you would suspect of saying anything positive about our president. Barack Obama‘s eldest daughter, Malia, while in conversation with one of her classmates, admitted her true feelings about Trump’s abilities.

Hank Helmer, a very intelligent and charming Harvard classmate of Malia, told reporters that the two of them were having a conversation about Trump’s leadership in this time. He was shocked at one point when Malia actually said:

“I have to admit, he’s showing true leadership and strength. It’s like he instinctively knows what to do. He’s giving people hope. My dad would’ve fumbled this. He wouldn’t have had a clue how to handle it.”

Malia, of course, asked Hank to keep the conversation secret so that it wouldn’t damage for dad‘s reputation, but it was too much for him to hold back. A devout Trump supporter himself, he has decided to tell the world in an upcoming book written along with avowed Republican strategist, Joe Barron.

Our president is winning over the hearts and minds of the entire world. He is our only hope to recover and, little by little, all are coming to see that — even the wicked Democrats.

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